In the two decades, following the liberation of Singapore from Japanese Occupation, Mark Masonry became increasingly popular, particularly with British Servicemen.

As Edaljee Khory Lodge No. 436 was having a crowded schedule and at times it was not unusual for five or more candidates to be advanced in one meeting, some in the Lodge began to wonder whether there was scope for a second Mark Lodge in Singapore. Others expressed doubts, arguing that an exodus of a substantial number of expatriate civil servants and the British armed forces was extremely likely from this region owing to political developments and the impact it might have on Craft and Mark Masonry would be substantial.

On the other hand, the supporters of the second Mark Lodge were resolute. Feeling confident, they forged ahead with their efforts to form a second Mark Lodge, suggesting earnestly that the new Lodge should bear the name of Edward Holiday, who was District Grand Master of the Mark Order from 1954 to 1965. But the supporters of the proposal seemed to have overlooked the fact that there was no longer approval for naming a Lodge after a living person. In the result, a new name was selected, having regard to the formation of Malaysia in 1963, a new political union between Singapore, the then Federation of Malaya and the Borneo Territories of Sabah and Sarawak.

In the event, the second Mark Lodge in Singapore ‘The Malaysia Lodge of Mark Master Masons’ was consecrated on 18 April 1964. VW Bro. L.H.T Caulfield - who was one of the prisoners of war in Changi Gaol along with many other Freemasons during the Japanese Occupation - was the Lodge’s Charter Master.

Since its formation, the Lodge has been steadily progressing and continues to flourish. Joseph William Yee Eu, a Past Master of the Lodge, was a District Grand Master of the Eastern Archipelago as well as a District Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of Mark Masons of South-East Asia.  

The Lodge commemorated its 50th Anniversary on 22 August 2014. On that occasion, Robin Rawlings, a Past District Grand Master, in his Oration reminded the Brethren of Malaysia Mark of its memorable beginnings and exhorted them to do justice, love mercy, practise charity, maintain harmony and endeavour to live in unity and brotherly love.